so much is just show

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night and it really got me thinking about various things. The conversation was about the war in iraq, my friend is very much against the war and against president bush, i don't plan on giving an oppinion here either way. The conversation turned to those little magnets that everyone sticks on there cars, you know the yellow ribbons that say "I support our troops." My question is how? I would say this, i don't support the troops. I support them in prayer, but as far as taking action by donations, or greeting them when they get home, or sending letters, or anything of that nature I have done nothing. For me to say I support the troops is simply a lie. it is my guess that about 90 or more percent of the people who have magnetic ribbons don't support the troops either. I would go even further and say that the people who are against the war (the normal people not the protestors) have a tendency to be doing more to support the troops than the rest of us.

Now we as christians know that the real battle is a spirtual one, and so many people wear their badges, be it their fish on the car or their cross, or their profession of faith, or their weekly worship attendence, we all stand up and say we support the cause of christ. We support the spread of the gospel, we support righteousness, we support morality, but too often we are just posers. it is easier to just say i support the troops, or i am a faithful christian, but we are totally lost and unregenerate if we are still willing to reside on the sidelines and take no action. If christ has wrought in us salvation, how then can we go on watching? when are we as a "christian nation" going to get at it, to get real? The truth is we are not a christian nation, and christianity as a whole in this nation is lukewarm, and lacks the passion and zeal that once characterized america a couple centuries ago. if i were to say i am not a part of the problem i would be a liar. i think i certainly do not follow christ with the energy which should characterize all who are called according to him. i will say this i am not going to post a ribbon to my chest and act as if i am this bold soldier of the gospel, oh i am a soldier of the lord, but too often i just lean on my gun.

that is all for tonight sorry if it was rantish or whiney.

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