My 2008 'Endorsement'

Well the election is fast approaching and this will probably be my last post before heading to the polls. I will say it has been very difficult for me to not use this space as a place to spill forth my political views. So I will divert from my usual avoidance of politics and discuss briefly what is going through my mind this election.

First and foremost we know that God gives authority, and takes authority away, at all levels and in all places. That is an important point to remember. If McCain wins, then it was the Sovereign will of God, if Barack Obama wins the same can be said. Moreover, our call is obedience to the winner, so long as they do not directly and obviously command us to violate the will of God.

The Christian community is called to communism – and yet in churches we find democracy.

The government is called to democracy – and yet in government we find communism.

It is really upside down. It seems that the government has continued to grow regardless of who is in power, and the moral decadence of both parties seems to be ever increasing. People have been hoodwinked by both parties into believing all of their talking points. For instance, ACORN, do you even understand the issue with them? Acorn registers voters, that is all they do. They collect registration forms from ANYONE, even Mickey Mouse. Nonetheless when they find a Mickey Mouse registration they mark it as invalid, and even if they did not the election board would, and even if Mickey Mouse successfully registers, Mickey will still have to show up and vote and have valid ID in most situations. The point is this, the GOP has you scared of ACORN, when the reality is they are afraid of the lower class and minority vote. (Listen I am a conservative, I would never vote for BHO, but I also appreciate truth, and the ACORN nonsense is bogus GOP tactics.) On the other hand, for years the Dems have consistently frightened the elderly into thinking that a the republicans are out to take their social security, health care, etc… it’s not true.

As Christians we have experienced the perfect love that casts our fear, and we are not to be swayed by changing times and seasons, we are to be built on the solid rock of Christ Jesus and put our hope in Him alone. It absolutely sickens me to see Christians flocking to McCain… I mean, have you looked into the moral decadence of his past? No the reason Christians flock to McCain is simple, they fear Obama. The moral majority speaks about the ‘sanctity of marriage’ only with regards to homosexuality, have they looked at their candidate’s marital past? I do not find sanctity. I am not going to spend time here knocking Obama because I realize the vast majority of this audience is already dead set against him, but I do think as a Christian you ought to look real close at McCain.

I say vote for change. Vote a vote that you will be comfortable with at the judgment seat of Christ. Seriously. The scriptures are clear that we will not be tempted beyond what we can bare, and that God always provides a way of escape. That holds true in the voting booth as well. You have the option to write in a candidate, or to vote for a third party candidate. It is not a wasted vote, it is a moral stand. Will you effect the election? well you will probably make it more likely that the greater of two evils (in your eyes) will win, yet at the same time you will be able to walk out of the booth with clean hands and a pure heart knowing that with the choice between the lesser of two evils you chose neither.

So as an Ohioan who may be a pivotal voter in this election, I take my stand, you should too, and if Obama wins because I refused to vote for McCain, is it because of me, or because the party that claims to represent me failed to do so?


What a wonderful evening

Tonight was a wonderful night. I spoke with a dear younger friend of mine about things in his life, specifically what he thinks may be a calling to marry a girl he has met and spent some time with, and spoken extensively with. To see this young man seeking the guidance of the Lord in this, looking to build on firm foundation and heading in a direction of righteousness has truly warmed my heart. It is wonderful to see God glorifying Himself in His children. What a blessing.

The revival conference that was hosted by www.sermonindex.net just concluded, and the preaching and praying was beautiful (I mean to use that word.) It really was, it was hard, and it was wrenching, but God moved and is moving. I am so encouraged. There was a chat room along with it, and the spirit of God was even upon the chat. Normally things spiral out of control in a chat setting with people being divided and arguing… but this was different. We were able to post questions for a panel which included Paul Washer, among others, and the Spirit was so upon it.

My marriage has taken a very sweet turn today and yesterday. The Lord seems to be taking us to yet another level, and it is wonderful. I am very joyous this evening, my wife just left a bible study with Godly women and is off to spend a little time with some other friends, I just got back from what we call eVANgelism, where we take youth to local out door malls, down town, college campuses, etc… and seek people to pray with and talk to. We had a blessed time, and even had the opportunity to be in a circle of prayer with a gentleman right in front of the stores of the outdoor mall we went to. What a blessing to have youth in our midst who do not fear being a testimony for Christ.

My son is growing, and is such a joy. He is learning to love his parents, giving hugs, crawling all over us, laughing, trying to talk, and bringing us much happiness. The Lord is truly upon my family, and to have His blessing is such a joy.

Can you imagine that God would take a man, mired in pot smoking, drinking, fornication, and religious hypocrisy and turn Him unto Himself? Then shower such blessing upon him? He has done it, I do not deserve an ounce of it, but He has done it, and I will praise Him for it. Oh that the love which I have today, would only grow.

I will leave this as it is, and post some more instructional thoughts later.

Just remember, Christianity is a joy, yes it is broken, but it is a joy. Do not spend all your time dividing doctrines, digging deeper, hashing out the details… that has its place… doctrine and theology are VERY important… but sometimes you must rest, and just Love God for who He is, and what He has done.


What has your faith cost?

Has your faith cost you anything?

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.
(Romans 12:1)

Free grace costs everything. We have been trained to believe that grace is free, but we have neglected to examine how much it costs. Is it oxymoronic to say that something free can cost a lot? No it really is not. Think of Joseph and how he was favored above his brethren by his father Jacob. Jacob gave him a coat of many colors. As far a Joseph was concerned that coat was a free gift, however it cost him being scorned by his brethren. That coat along with other circumstance caused him to end up a slave in Egypt. There is one of many examples that could be made about a free gift costing much. I did not purchase my wife, she was freely given to me by God nonetheless she has cost me everything. I did not go to the store to buy my son, he was a free gift, yet he has cost me everything. I did nothing to purchase salvation it was a free gift, yet it costs everything!!

You can not have a child without cost, you can not have a spouse without cost… you cannot have faith without cost! Understand that buying diapers and baby food did not give me a son, the son was freely given to me, I did not earn him he was free, but he cost an awful lot for a free gift!! Let’s get real here, your faith if it is real and living will cost you everything, if your faith has cost you little or nothing, then you have little or no faith. So what has your faith cost you?

One thing I find absolutely fascinating is how much the Apostle Paul’s faith cost him, and yet he, more than any other writer, expressed with utter clarity that the grace of God is free. Let me ask this question to you: “Why did Jesus warn potential disciples to count the cost before following Him if grace is free?” Do you see the paradox? The Christian life is not easy, if the life you live is easy, it is not Christian! Sometimes people get into talking about money, and those who tithe sit back all smug like they are in total compliance with the will of God. Yet they make no sacrifice, the merely give of their excess, they cannot point to sacrifice they have made in order to give their tithe. The call is not 10%, the call is sacrifice. A tenth of your day is 2hrs and 24minutes, have you given that to the Lord? Your car has 100,000 miles on it, were 10,000 of those miles driven for the Lord, your mind has thought millions of thoughts this year, were hundreds of thousands of those thoughts given to the Lord? Come on… what has it cost you?

Now to the non-Christian this cost is great bummer, but to the true Christian, there is conviction and maybe some disappointment and reservation about the cost, but at the same time there is excitement and a desire to pay it. The true Christian desires and seeks to lay down their life for the Lord. That is the amazing thing about true biblical salvation. Yes it costs everything, but the desire of the heart (because God has recreated the believer’s heart) is to give everything. The great cost of salvation is overshadowed by the great desire to pay full price.

Do not be lulled to sleep by some ‘best life now’ easy believism. Do not enter into some faith designed to boost your self-esteem, find the most costly faith seek it, and be assured that God will freely give you grace, and your heart will long to pay full price. The regenerated heart will then move the body to be a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to God.

Be careful to never forget, the free gift will cost you everything.


Financial Markets... who cares

People’s unhealthy anger toward government, CEOs, bosses, unions, and other corrupt authorities exposes their spiritually depravity and unbelief.

Ok that is a harsh statement, but it is true. We heard this past week of the CEO of Lehman Bros chastised by congress and the American public for making 300 million dollars over the last 8 years. We hear Americans getting upset about the 700 billion dollar bailout that we will have to fund. People are upset with the labor unions that have driven up the cost of goods, people get angry with their lazy bosses who get paid much more than they do. So many people worship mammon that they fail to see what is ahead for them. Jesus tried to free the rich young ruler from this, He toled him ‘sell it all’. What was the ruler's response? He went away disappointed. What is our response when we read Jesus' command to sell it all? We say, “That is an exaggeration” or “That does not apply to me”. The first thing you do is to write off those words of our Lord as not for you, before you examine them to see if indeed they are for you. Let me ask this, if you had sold everything and given to the poor, and were on virtually nothing right now, how would have the market crash affected you? How much stress would you feel right now? None, you would be free.

People are too worried about someone else’s golden parachute, they fail to realize that a gold parachute is going to drop like a rock straight to the pit of hell. When Jesus saw the rich young ruler was He angry? No!! If you recall the scripture says, “He had compassion on him”. Maybe you just know better than Jesus, and that is why you are angry with the rich rulers of the day, as opposed to having compassion on them like He did. Jesus showed the ruler more compassion than the religous hypocrite, maybe that should sober us a little bit. Lets go back to that 300 million dollar CEO. How much gold could you buy with that? Answer: 21,114 pounds of gold at $888 per ounce. That equates to 10 tons of gold! That is quite a retirement is it not? It is a pathetic retirement, you could not even pave your driveway with 10 tons of gold, let alone all your streets. Do you not know that your retirement community will be far more extravagant than that man’s. But, who even cares about that, do you not know that you will live in the very presence of the King of the Universe, the Lord of Lords? Your anger at earthly kings and their prosperity shows your own depravity and lack of belief in the inheritance that is reserved for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Come on, do not be tossed to and fro by changing markets, wealthy politicians, and nonsense that are only vapor that will pass away in a short time. Seek Christ, get firmly rooted in Him and rest. There is no need for fear, what is the worst that could happen? Pain, starvation, loneliness, death… but for how long? You are here for but a short time.

Then again, maybe getting so bent out of shape about current events only shows that you still have doubt about the everafter.