Short Break

For those of you who frequent this blog, I apologize for the 3 week break in this repentance series. There are multiple reasons, vaction, study taking a different direction, time at the hospital with my grandfather, and so on. However the main reason this is taking so long is that the next post 'why repent' is a difficult one for me adequately write. I do not want to reduce it to the simple 'because you'll go to hell if you don't' statement. That is true, but it is so cheap, in fact you should repent regardless of where your eternal home will be simply because God deserves your repentance. We will save elaborating on this until I actually make the (4 of 9) post which I hope can be soon. Until then, I have come across some of the best preaching I have ever heard and I would like to provide web addresses to download the sermons I have found.

I hope you will listen to these, and that you would be prompted to examine yourself and to be drawn unto God.

Modern American Christianty - Paul Washer

Biblical Manhood - Paul Washer

Regeneration and Self Denial - Paul Washer

***(my personal favorite) Ten Shekels and a Shirt - Paris Reidhead

The Right Use of the Law - Paris Reidhead

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