The Threshing Floor Continued

The simple truth of the complete cleaning of the threshing floor certainly is overwhelming, and should drive us to intercession and evanglism. Why should we care? Of course the eternal souls of our fellow man should be of infinite importance to us, but even more than that is the fact that Jesus deserves a barn full of wheat. He went to the cross and paid for just that. Do we not know that it is not man that deserves Christ, but Christ that deserves man? Maybe one of the main reasons that there will be much chaff on that day of threshing is us. Maybe we were so concerned with man and his soul that we never allowed the full force of God's power come to our soul. What I mean is this, maybe we simply evanglized to serve man, and feed the poor for the poor's sake, and served the church for the churches sake. Did we remember that it is all for Christ's sake? The threshing floor will be purged entirely! Is it not a shame that Christ will sweep away chaff that should have been wheat, He will throw chaff into the fire, but He paid for wheat!! What a shame that He will have to sweep so much chaff.

I will leave it at that. I hope to post again soon, and I actually hope to post something more uplifting, I tend to be very coarse on this blog, but the tenor of the Christian life is not one of constant brashness and struggling, but one of victory and joy. Yes, we are broken, but we have peace and joy as well. So keep posted.

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