25 Signs you may be a dead fundamentalist

I rarely post this way, and this is not meant to be angry so do not misunderstand it. Also, many people will view a post like this as some sort of liberalism, it is not. Much of the comments I make in the post cause me to repent for I know my guilt and some of the dead fundamentalism that still unfortunately plagues me.

You will know them by their fruit…
The fruit of the spirit is, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

:::::Warning signs that you may be a dead fundamentalist…:::::::

1. The majority of the time you read the scriptures it is to gather ammunition to prove someone else wrong.

2. Even when you are not intending gather ammo you tend to enter that mode as soon you begin to read.

3. You often find yourself quoting Ephesians 4:26 to justify your anger, without recognition that in the same verse it is clear that it is a sin to take that anger to bed with you.

4. You cling to Jesus’ words that He did not come to bring peace but a sword thinking that truth applies to you as well… even though He instructs His disciples ‘blessed are the peacemakers’.

5. Anytime someone disagrees with you, you assume them to be ignorant and unbiblical before you examine yourself and the basis of their disagreement.

6. You let everyone else know how biblical you are.

7. Even when around your brothers and sisters in the Lord your discussion is always about battle, and never about the mercies and glories of Christ.

8. You get angry every time someone disagrees with you. (That is your dead fundamental pride.)

9. The primary evidence of your faith is your disagreement with those outside of your faith.

10. You spend more time reading fundamentalist (dead or otherwise) blogs than you do in prayer.

11. People do not like you, and you claim it is because of Christ, but underneath it all you know it is you they are rejecting, not Christ that dwells in you.

12. You cling to the last 2 beatitudes without embodying the rest of them.

13. When you read that you are the salt of the earth you take it to mean that you are to sting people and be coarse.

14. You love to do battle and talk about putting on armor, but you go into battle without ever putting it on.

15. You like to remind everyone that the Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but fail to realize that perfect love casts out fear.

16. You fear the word unity, and when you hear it you instantly assume the speaker to be a liberal heretic.

17. People fear you more than they fear your God.

18. You define a biblical Christian as one who thinks like you, even though your understanding is ever increasing, and things you once thought biblical you now realize aren’t. You fail to accept that you have some unbiblical theology that you will change as it comes to light.

19. After reading the first 18 points you assume the writer of this is a liberal.

20. You think that someone cannot be both Arminian and Christian

21. You think that someone cannot be both Calvinist and Christian

22. You talk much about saving souls, but rarely get to a point of praying with someone and actually doing soul work because your fundamentalism pushes every one away.

23. You always have a verse or some other way of justifying #22.

24. The fruit of the spirit are conceptual to you, but the reality is that you do not bear that fruit.

25. This post brought you to a point of anger and not self examination.

I only write these things, because they are the very things that have caused great struggle in my life as the Lord continues to sanctify me. Many of follies listed above I have been glorious saved from others I find myself returning to. I will be the very first to admit that there are some significant wretched traces of dead fundamentalism in me, and without the blood of Christ the dead fundamentalism in my heart would send me straight to hell.

I hope in some way this post helps someone. Maybe some day I will post 25 signs you may be a humanist liberal.

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