Under Authority,,, again

I have reread my past post a few times, and for awhile I was waffling on it, even debating deleting it altogether. It is true that I often wrestle with my own postings, I am not sure if that makes me some sort of hypocrite, or schizophrenic, but none the less I often struggle with the things I write. So anyway I was having difficulty concerning what I wrote about submission to unbiblical church leaders.

Fast forward to today. I was listening to the scriptures on my iPod and was listening through 1st and 2nd Samuel and David's submission to Saul struck me. It is almost painful to observe his submission to Saul considering the terrible leadership of Saul and his out and out wickedness. Nonetheless David exhibits a submission to authority that could have cost him his life at the very hands of the authority to which he submitted. Of course we know that God worked powerfully in that. In fact it was not until David held the position of authority that he blundered with the Uzza and the Ark situation as well as Bathsheba.

So what is my point. I struggled with the last post, but in light of the scripture I have been listening to I believe the post to stand. Submission to authority is required regardless of whether it is government authority, authority within your congregation, evil, or good. The only times in scripture where a violation of authority is permitted is when the said authority is in contradiction with God's sovereign authority.

I apologize if this post was a simple or boring read, but it has at least helped me.

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