#1 - What the Gospels Teach - Intro

What the Gospels Teach #1 – Intro

I have been writing much lately where works fit into the salvation of a man, and the conclusion I have drawn is that a saved man will produce works of righteousness, and that those works of righteousness must exceed even that of the scribes and Pharisees. At the same time it is clear that works of righteousness have never saved a man for salvation is only by faith, nonetheless faith without works is dead, and faith cannot exist apart from works and remain alive. Faith produces works, and must produce works else it is dead. Just like your body creating amino acids... all the amino acids in the world will never create a body, but a body without amino acids is dead. So are works required for salvation? Yes, but acceptable works are only produced by faith which is a gift of God which no man can produce on his own. In other words salvation is entirely of grace through faith which produces the works upon which faith is dependent. Now call me a heretic or a rambler or whatever you want it really is OK with me, but in reading the teachings of Christ concerning the judgment I am finding that there is always some reference to works, or even dependence on works for eternal life. Look at the sheep and the goats, or Matthew 7, or even John the Baptist’s teachings and so on.

So begins this series of posts, I hope it grows into a fairly long string of posts, and I hope I learn a lot in this process. I have been reading Matthew’s gospel recently and trying to read it analytically, but with simple acceptance of what it says, and I have found the teachings of Christ to be utterly astounding, and have come to the realization that taking what He says at face value severely alters my perspective in a number of things. I am finding that coming back to the teachings of Christ brings the rest of the New and Old Testament into focus. I am sure if you are reading this, you are thinking, duh Jay... well maybe you ought to read on as these posts continue. Sometimes the ‘duh’ is exactly what we need to hear. These posts will not be limited to the teachings of Christ, but to all that is contained in the Gospels, or at least Matthew’s Gospel.

So begins this series...

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