#16 What the Gospels Teach – Divine Revelation – Matthew 5:2

“He opened His mouth and began to teach them saying,” (Matthew 5:2)

This will be a very short post, but I think this is another verse that we may just skim over in getting to the beatitudes, and maybe we should just stop and drink this verse in this verse for a minute or two.  The ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is such a major teaching, and it comes before Jesus begins speaking in parables, it is the unveiled will of God for His disciples, the unveiled truth of God for His people.  This is not a message to the masses, but to His chosen disciples gathered around Him, and ‘He opened His mouth and taught them...”

Think of this, Christ who was with God in the beginning, Christ who is Alpha and Omega, Christ in whom all things were created, Christ who is infinite in wisdom and in glory, yet in these moments is confined to human flesh so as to be the exact representative of God among men, visibly and tangibly, and He opens His mouth and teaches.  This is not God speaking through a prophet, this is God Himself speaking.  This is not God giving a message to a crowd with great thunderings, smoke, and fire, this is God the Son face to face with men, and He opens His mouth and teaches them.

I am going to leave this post at that.  It really is a phenomenal thing, amazing.

(sorry if you do not find this amazing, get a handle on who Christ actually is, and you will see why this simple verse is truly astounding.)

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