#48 – What the Gospels Teach – Worry #4 – Matthew 6:34

"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6:34 NASB)

This is the practical application of Jesus' teachings in Matthew 6. Unfortunately this passage is quoted frequently to people who worry, and yet the quoters of this passage are oblivious to the previous passages leading up to this. This verse as a standalone passage is worthless in counsel. To tell someone who is worried that they have too many issues to deal with today to be concerned with their pile of issues to deal with tomorrow is a sure way to turn worry into outright depression. Telling a worrier not to worry is like telling a teenage boy not to lust. The question is not so much about is it OK to worry, or to lust, or insert sin here, the question how to repent and get a degree of victory over that sin. Now if you look to the previous three posts you will see the reasons Jesus arrives at this conclusion to 'not worry about tomorrow' and He gives very compelling reasoning.

If the master takes care of birds and flowers, will He not take care of you? If you are counseling someone who is in a perpetual state of worry, you certainly are to lead them to the conclusion that they ought not worry about tomorrow... but the only way to get to that conclusion is to get grounded in faith in a God who is a good and kind master and has storehouses of provision for all who are called by His name. The point of this verse is to conclude a section, not to provide a teaching or a precept. It is like someone telling you that you need to walk in the Spirit. Great... now how exactly do you do that? Or, love your wife! I would love to... can you tell me how? Or you need to get right with God... um, I would love to, but where do I start? Don't worry about tomorrow... how can I not worry?

The answer to worry is not found in Matthew 6:34, so never quote it directly to the worried believer, unless you precede it with verses 6:26-33, it would even be good to include 6:25 as well. Well I am crunched on time so I will leave this post right here, and start on Matthew 7 tomorrow, Lord willing.

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