Missing Link Monday - 01.17.2011

Missing link Monday is devoted to exposing Christ in the 2 Old Testament readings from the Revised Common Lectionary from the previous day.

The first text was Isaiah 49:1-7 follow the link to read the text.

The connection to Christ in this passage is a very direct one.  It is Christ speaking directly through the prophet.  Not much leg work needs done to make the connection.  Isaiah 49:2 connects directly to Revelation 1:16 which is a clear image of Christ.  Isaiah 49:7 makes clear that the speaker is "Redeemer of Israel" which we know is a title only Christ may bear.  The point is that these are the direct words of Christ through Isaiah.

The second text was Psalm 40:1-11

In Hebrews 10:5 we find the author loosely quoting Psalm 40:6-8 and he attributes the quote to Christ.  At the very least Christ quoted this text as his own words at some point.  This text is a celebration of news of deliverance and frankly the entire thing screams of Christ.  Psalm 40:9-11 speaks of the Gospel announcement.

Clearly in the case of both Isaiah 49 and Psalm 40, the text would be entirely missed if it was not preached thoroughly saturated with Christ.  It is only from a New Testament Christocentric approach that these two passages can be understood.

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