For the weak

I find it brutally ironic when an unregenerate soul boasts that Christianity is for the weak, or for the uniteligent or imcompetent. It is stange that so many unbelievers would say these things and still reject Christ. What sadly is even more ironic than the unbeliever's railings about Christianity being a religon for unintellegent weaklings, is the believer's denial of the accusation. We say Christianity is not for the weak! Christianity is not an incompetent man's religon! If we say these things we are only fooling ourselves. Let me ask you this brother or sister, did you arrive at the cross because you were strong? Did you arrive at the cross because of some intellegent desicion? Of course not! The railings of the world in this matter are certainly true. When you met Christ your were at your bottom, you were well aware of your sin and weakness and from there you gave yourself to Christ. You came to Christ as a fool not on some intellectual quest. I know a Christian who accepted the reality of God when learing about physics, it was not an intellectual thing it was a realization of how much God knows and how much order He created. Christianity certainly is for the weak. It is for those who mourn, and are poor in spirit, it is for the meek, it is for they that are persecuted, it is for those whose faith is as a young child. Christian never believe that you are strong, if you believe that you are strong then what need of God's stength do you have? If you believe you are smart, than why must Christ renew your mind?

It really is ironic. The world makes a true accusation about Christianity as if it is an insult, and Christians then deny the very truth which brought them to the cross in the first place. It is ironic that the world simply does not see its weakness and unintellegence. If they did they would surely see that the very accusations they make are the precise reasons that they themselves should flock to the cross. The next time someone makes these accusations to you your response should be something like this:

"It is true that I am unintellegent and weak, and more than that I have been indecent immoral, even more than that, there is not a single good quality about myself which I can call my own. The accusations you have made are true, and I fully realize this and I am willing to humbly accept your perception of Christianity as true. However let me ask you this, do you see yourself as strong? Intellegent? Moral? After these tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes have crushed us with ease, do you honestly feel strong? As our stock markets go up and down over nothing at all, and our schools fail, and our politcs corrupt, do you really feel smart? As our society spirals into immorality and the family is destroyed do you really feel moral? If you were honest with yourself you too would see that you are unintellegent and weak, and immoral and that the religon you rail against, is the very faith that you need."

I think that would be a very adequate response to the unbelievers who makes these accusations. I will leave it at that for the reader to think about. Maybe you all have come to this conclusion a long time ago, I confess that I just realized it recently. Anyway that is all for tonight

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