More on Works

In my Oct 1 post I made a critcal wording blunder that changed the entire meaning of what I was intending to say. However, it has prompted me to think a little more about the subject and I will relay those thoughts here.

First the incorrectly worded statement read:

"Why is it that works are ingrained into our hearts and souls, and why is it that we never seem to be totally purged from them?"

I would have been better saying "Why is it that works based justification is so ingrained into our hearts and souls, and why is it that we never seem to be totally purged from that mentality." -- Had the first sentence of the post read that way the entire thing may have been more clear.

Anyway what I had improperly wrote got me thinking: The motivaton behind good works is the evidence of true Christianity. A Christian has no real motivation for good works, it is their natural inclination. Just as the non Christian has no real motivation to serve themselves it is simply their natural inclination. Now I understand that we do good works for the glory of God "that men may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven." It is as redeemed believers our natural desire to let our lights so shine before men. When we sin now we are acting against our new nature, that is the righteousness of Christ, for what is the no longer natural unrighteousness or fallen state that we once lived in. I know that some people are going to want to rip me on this post by saying that we are all fallen and it is still our nature to sin, but I think that scripture contradicts that. The scriptures do not speak at all about how we will continue in sin after regeneration (God forbid). Moreover the bible makes some very harsh and difficult sayings (like crucifying Christ afresh) concerning sin after conversion. My question is this: Did Christ not conquer sin, and deliver us not only from the punishment of sin, but from sin itself? Have we not received a new nature that is contrary to sin yet finds righteousness to be natural. I confess I still sin against my new nature, just as I used to do good against my old nature. Praise God that there is forgiveness for sin. But I will not insult Christ's imparted nature to me by saying that I still have fallen nature, and His death was not enough to conquer that. I am not being arrogant by saying that I do not have fallen nature, no it is humility to say that I am disobedient to the point of acting against my new nature of righteousness imparted by Christ.

So back to the last post. Good works are ingrained in us as believers. Christ's imparted righteousness have made good works a natural desire for the believer. This is why we cannot be justified by works, because we must first have the imparted righteousness of Christ to perform them with a pure heart. That imparted righteousness is a result of faith by grace not ourselves. Moreover the righteousness of Christ will cause us to bear good fruit, because it is our nature, just like an apple tree will naturally bear apples. We could say that faith without works is dead, because faith will naturally bear fruit, if there is no fruit then naturally their must be no faith.

Anyway I still have some others things I need to address concerning Arminianism, and why they aren't quite as far off as we think they are sometimes, and how maybe we could show them their simple flaws that reject the providence of God. I hope to get to it eventually.

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