Are You Truely Free?

The question I pose in this post seems so simple, yet as Christians we tend to miss it. Christ freed us from slavery to sin an death. He told us that His burden was easy, His yoke was light, yet we still tend to live in bondage. We tend to think we must love more, work harder, volunteer more, and do more because we are in Christ. We have given up the old life, for a life that has even more toil, and less joy. This shouldn't be.

Can we not see that love not an action, it is a reflection, or maybe a distribution, but we are not its source, and no matter how hard we work we will never generate an ounce of love. Or works, are we called to works, burdening ourselves with saving the lost by some effort of our own? We are called to make disciples by preaching the simple gospel, not by working out some elaborate plan that is dependent on us for its execution. We too often voulenteer for things, or allow ourselves to be voulenteered for things, without ever seeking God's will and peace about what we are voulenteering for. We create jobs for ourselves which, had we first prayed, we may have realized we weren't even the person called to do the job. You and I are to be slaves to Christ, and He is such a wonderful master that even the hardest tasks He gives are accompanied by the peace that passes all understanding. We should never be all tied up in knots about what we should, or shouldn't do, we should be at peace, and completely and utterly free, under the complete control of Christ. The only freedom that exists is complete slavery to Christ.

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