Eternal Security Part 3

It has been awhile, and with how things are going it will probably be awhile until the next post, but nonetheless I have a free moment and feel inclined to post.

Eternal security and total depravity placed side by side paint an awesome picture of what God's grace really is. I know that many people disagree with both of these doctrines, I am not sure I understand why. To denounce these doctrines is to say some pretty strange things. For instance to denounce total depravity is to say that there is righteousness outside of Christ, it could then be said that though it would be hard it still would be possible the live righteously. This would negate the necessity of Christ's sacrafice. Moreover to denounce eternal security is to say that the work of Christ on the cross for your redemption is still dependent on your own merits and therefore incomplete.

Lets look at total depravity juxtapose with eternal security and see the true blessing and meaning of God's grace. Do you realize that when God saved you that you went from being incapable of pleasing God and entering his presence, to being permanatly placed in his presence, incapable of angering him. That is awesome, and the fact that you did absolutely nothing to earn it. This grace was freely given to you by Him for His purposes. You say, 'whoa Jay' you are off of your rocker on this one, of course you can still anger God. My answer is this, if God sees your actions and your sin through the attoning blood then you have no hope. Surely you have committed a myriad of sin after your conversion and if God sees that sin certainly he will, he must cast you out of his presence forever. He cannot see your sin, certainly The Son may see it, yet he intercedes and the Father sees only the merits of Christ on our behalf. Yet if we are capable of angering God, then we must continually be recovering ourselves with the blood of Christ, and he must be continually sacraficed. Yet we know he was ressurected and intercedes on our behalf in heaven.

Think of that grace, think of what it really meant when you were born again. You went from uncapable of pleasing God, to forever fellowshipping with God. Praise God for His free grace.

That is all for now, I really would like to post sometime soon on the topic of total depravity, hopefully I will make the time.

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