The Cost

saiah 66:2 “…but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.”

When you consider that Christ paid the penalty for your sin does it bring you happiness, or sorrow? Do you take great pleasure in the fact that he was nailed to the tree for you? Do you find satisfaction that He endured the forsaking of God because of you? Can you happily accept salvation with out ever contemplating how much it cost?

Salvation is a terrible thing, never forget that. Salvation came about with the Son of God indwelt with your sins falling under the forsaking wrath of His Father against those sins. Think of what you are saying when you say ‘I am so happy that Jesus died for me.’ Are you really? Do you find satisfaction because you ‘got away with’ your sins and someone else ‘got blamed?’ There is a real sense in which I could almost wish myself cursed to hell in order that the Son would not have had to pay that price. Praise God that He has already paid that price, and that I am not accursed, but nonetheless this salvation is a grave thing.

When we think of salvation in light of what it cost it changes everything. Not what it cost us, but what it cost Him! Salvation is as much a breaking as it is a making whole. ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’ comes into focus when your are breaking at thought of our Lord paying the price. Think of the cost! You have been bought at a price, and can you simply continue in sin? Can you make a mockery of God with your life, and simply honor Him with a few mental ascensions and some pretty words? Do you not remember that because of sin somebody had to die, and not just anybody but the Lord Himself? This mamby pamby ‘Jesus would have died just for you’ so you should feel so special is simply a load of nonsense. The bible is clear that He died for more than just you so do not even waste a moment on this speculation, and if you do think on this take it to its logical conclusion, which is that you alone are so sinful that the blood of the Son of God was required on your behalf.

If salvation involves the sorrowful realization of the price that was paid where is the joy? Jesus died willingly, He chose to pay the price. ‘My sin Oh the bliss of this glorious thought, my sin not in part but in full was nailed to the cross and I bear it no more, praise the Lord, praise the Lord oh my soul.’ Christ chose this, He is love, oh He is love. When no one else could stand for me, He stood. The joy is so real. It is a deep profound and broken joy, but it is true joy nonetheless.

How can we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?

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