Joseph Wesley Miklovic is coming soon!

Well, it looks like our son is going to come a little early. The doctor says based on the most recent ultrasound that he is getting ready to enter this world. Probably within the next 2 or 3 weeks!! Kristin and I of course are incredibly excited. The Lord has provided much through this whole time and has been a very present help in this our time of need.

I find the doctrine of original sin a difficult one right now. It is obviously true both in scripture and in the evidence of this world, and I in no way shape or form will deny the truth that we sinned in Adam. However I know it will be difficult to see that child as guilty from day one. Even if he is not 'accountable' (hmmm... I do not have an answer on that) he is nonetheless guilty in Adam. It is a difficult time to assess the need of the second birth of my son when I am so excited for his first birth.

On another note: I have come to grips with a little sliver of the unconditionalness of God's love through this. When I think about my son I realize that he has only been a pain to me thus far. He has forced me to add a room to my house by finishing my dormer. He has forced me to curb some of the activities I enjoy like riding mountain bikes and such. He has placed my wife in a deal of pain and awkwardness. He has made my house look more like the gift shop of a zoo than an adult living space. Because of him I now drive a 4 door car and the list goes on. Yet I have not even met him, and I cannot imagine loving him more than I do. He has done nothing to deserve it, but nonetheless he means so much to me. Now if I being wicked can love someone undeserving like that, how much more does the Father in heaven love His children. Amazing.

Anyways, pray for my wife Kristin and I through this process, she has been amazing through it all and I am so blessed to have a virtuous wife. I imagine I will be posting less in the upcoming months of little or no sleep. If I am posting more (they probably won't be coherent postings) regardless know that a possible hiatus from the blog may be looming.

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