Common Words

Common Words:

The last post “Praying in Jesus Name” has generated some very encouraging response to me. Those of you who e-mail me about these posts, I know I do not always respond, please know that it is a great encouragement to me and I do appreciate it.

This hopefully is the beginning a series of posts, or at least a couple on the common things that those who profess salvation say. I want to dive into what they actually mean, so that we will either quit saying them, or say them with more caution, or say them with more joy and so on. It is a real problem when precious truths become common place and we begin to play marbles with diamonds.

Here are some of the words or phrases that, Lord willing, we will look into.

Born Again
God is good All the Time, All the time God is good
Let go and let God
God loves the sinner, and hates the sin
We are all God’s Children
God loves you so much He would have paid the price just for you

Now the odds of us getting to all of these is slim to none, I do not know that I have the attention span for that, nonetheless we will start with ‘saved’ on the next post. Hopefully yet tonight before going to bed, I am feeling ambitious.


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