In Jesus Name

John 14:13 "Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”

My apologies for talking much about myself in this post.

A fairly well known preacher who is very popular on this site often opens his sermons in prayer and almost always prays these words, “Father, I come before you in the name of your Son…” and His voice almost trembles and cracks each time he does it. Knowing that this man preaches with great power and authority I sought to duplicate this in my prayer life and one day 2 years or so ago alone in prayer I began: “Father I come before you in the name of your Son…” and what was impressed on my heart immediately after that statement before I even got into any request or praise stunned me. It was like the Lord said, “Jay you are a liar, do not dare to blaspheme My Name before me like that.”

That was the day I learned how to pray. I did so many things wrong that day before God. First I went before Him with another man’s words, seeking another man’s power. Second, I did not go humbly before God, yes I even tried to duplicate the humble tone of this man’s praying but it was only a veneer, as though the Lord did not see into my heart. Third, I flippantly used words that carried so much power as though they were only a greeting to get on to what I really wanted to say. Fourthly and worst of all I took the very name of the son of God in vain.

I feel led to write of this on this blog because I am most certain that I am not alone in this, and I am willing to believe there are many who are praying themselves right out of God’s presence by taking for granted the most precious of declarations that the believer is afforded to make. Yea, many may even be praying themselves straight to hell.

The very character of God rests in His Name. When you say “In Jesus’ Name” at the beginning or end of your praying you are effectively saying “with Your very character I pray”. Do you see why a man of God must tremble when they say such a thing? I do now open most of my praying with: “Father I come before you in the Name of your Son…” But lets break down what we are actually saying, so that we do not say such things flippantly.

“FATHER…” do not dare go another word. Did Elijah ever call God “Father”? Did Abraham or Moses, what about Elisha, or David, what about Daniel or Jacob? Do we not know what we are saying when we call God Father? When Jesus taught us to pray “Our Father…” That was revolutionary, the Pharisees must have considered it blasphemy when the early Church uttered those words. With that one word “Father” you are claiming salvation, even claiming to be an heir of God. Pray no further until you grasp that.

“Father I…” do you realize what you are doing here? You realize what you are doing here. You have juxtaposed “I” with “Father” and if you did not do this humbly you ought to reconsider what you are doing. You are speaking to the most Supreme Being, the Beginning and the End, the Almighty, Jehovah. When you say “I”, what are you introducing to this prayer? Yourself, vile and wretched as you are, oh that you would tread lightly here.

“Father I COME…” from where have you come? And what gives you the right to come? You are claiming the right to come to God on the merit of the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ himself. If you are not coming humbly with gratitude for the work of God’s own Son, it would be better if you had not come before Him at all.

“Father I come BEFORE YOU..” do you dare enter that Most Holy Place, before the throne. It was one thing for Ester to go before an earthy king in hopes that he would hold out the golden scepter, but you are going before the Alpha and Omega, I hope you bring with you the merit of Christ’s atoning work. Remember that in the day of judgment every idle word will be accounted for.

“Father I come before you IN…” in denotes proximity, inside of, a part of. If you are ‘in’ a building you are enclosed by it, entirely surrounded and isolated from what is outside.

“Father I come before you in THE NAME…” be careful, to say “in the name”, ultimately means “in the character of”

“Father I come before you in the name OF YOUR SON” oh that you would be able to pray this, and that I would be able to pray this, and that we would pray this aright. We have touch the very depths of God’s heart, because the Father loves the Son more than all creation, more than anything or anyone. We bring forth the name of His Son and we have His full attention. God have mercy on us for simply letting these word roll off of our tongue without examining the impact of what we say!

I encourage you to pray in this manner, or a similar manner, but do not dare utter words without thought, because you may be blaspheming the very God you are professing to seek.

I am not sure if that was a help or not, feel free to comment on this one, I am interested to hear feedback. I guess I wonder if anyone else has been through this as well.

Jay Miklovic

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