Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
(1 Corinthians 10:31)

This is the basic test for all behavior, and we must apply it to all areas of life. Paul is speaking on traditions of eating and drinking and so on, but he then goes on to qualify the entire argument saying this: “…whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” This maybe the most simple precept in all of scripture, and it can be applied to every situation of life. For instance when you purchase clothing, do you make that purchase to the glory of God? or is it to your own glory. When you do your yard work, is it to the glory of God, or to bring yourself glory? The way you raise your children, is it to the glory of God, or is it merely to have your household in order so you can have glory as a legitimate leader in the Church. You understand, it is all about the glory of God, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do. Do you love your wife to the glory of God, or because you desire something in return. Do you submit to husband for the glory of God, or just because it makes life easier. Do you do ministry for the glory of God, or is it merely to grow a church or group?

Now I want to apply this topic to one hot issue right now, which is politics. With the US presidential election fast approaching it seems to be this all consuming issue of who to vote for, and what the issues are, and which candidate is really Christian, and which ones are liars, and so on. The question I ask is this: Has the political landscape distracted you from the glory of God? Do you sit in front of Fox News and CNN until your blood boils? Do you do that for the glory of God? I know when I fall into that trap it has nothing to do with the glory of God. I will sit and watch just to be angry, and then feel self righteous when I contend that everyone who disagrees with me is an ignorant fool. Whatsoever you do, do unto the Glory of God. That includes your debating, and argument. I know this will sound liberal, maybe even ‘postmodern’ but it is not, taking the time to minister to your ‘opponent’ for the glory of God will do far more for the kingdom than arguing over a political system which the Lord will ultimately manipulate for the good of those who love Him. (see romans 8) I find people get more upset over the medias treatment of Sarah Palin than they are over lostness of their own congregation. I find more people concerned with the ‘Messiahship’ of Barack Obama, than they are with their own sin and perceived lordship over their own lives. I find Christians laboring over the comments of Joe Biden, more than the scriptures themselves. Every 4 years professing Christians, even genuine Christians, take a break from their Christianity to defend earthly lords.

What will bring Christ glory and save a man’s soul? A candidate, a debate, or the gospel? You know the answer, yet you and I can articulate politics till we are blue in the face while our bible stays in our back pocket, and even if you do win a political debate and convince a man to vote your side what have you accomplished that is of eternal worth? Nothing.

Next time you find yourself in political debate ask the question honestly: “Is this to the glory of God?” Yes you can use the current political situation as a platform from which to communicate the Gospel, but don’t you dare use the Gospel to communicate your platform. You see it is all about the glory of God. Personally I do not care who you vote for, I really do not… what I want to know is, “Is it well with your soul?” Is Christ getting the glory He deserves from you?

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