a great word from JC Ryle

Writing on John 1:29 from ‘Expository Thoughts on the Gospels’

“Let us take heed that in all our thoughts of Christ, we first think of Him as John the Baptist here represents Him.  Let us serve him faithfully as our Master.  Let us obey him loyally as our King.  Let us study His teaching as our Prophet.  Let us walk diligently after him as our Example.  Let us look anxiously for him as our coming Redeemer of body as well as soul.  But above all, let us prize him as our Sacrifice, and rest our whole weight on his death as an atonement for sin.” – JC Ryle

I am finding JC Ryle’s expository thoughts to be indispensible in sermon prep when preaching out of the Gospels.  What a blessing... plus you can get all 4 vols for under $40 on amazon.  Would recommend Ryle to anyone in ministry, from the 4th grade Sunday school teacher to the nursing home chaplain, really a tremendous resource.


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