This might be it for the tenth letter

I think the tenth letter may be finished...

I think this is my 206th post at this blog, which began a few years back at SermonAudio, and then migrated here, and I think it might be the last post as well.

I am currently serving as the Pastor of a rural Church outside of Fostoria, as well as being the Youth Pastor of a Church here in Maumee full time, of greater importance than those two vocations I am a husband (my primary ministry), a father (my secondary ministry).

Blogging has been a great outlet for me to work through things theologically in a public venue.  This has served its purpose but really is not the venue I feel called to work things out in anymore.  Underlying my blogging has been a desire to heard, and respected.  I'm done with that, and am seeking contentment in laboring in obscurity trusting the Father to illumine His Son through me outside of this, and other venues that could lead to self glorification.  I'll still tweet @yfmumc but that is as close to blogging as I plan on getting for awhile.  If the Lord impels me again to publicly blog I will.  I am grateful to faithful bloggers who provide me much encouragement.

What my wife needs is a husband who seeks hard after God to know him intimately even when the rest of the world thinks he is going to deep to be practical.  What my son and daughter need is a father who seeks hard after God to know him intimately.  What the youth ministry at Maumee UMC needs is leadership that seeks hard after God to know him intimately.  What the congregation at Rehoboth UMC needs is a Pastor who seeks hard after God to know him intimately.  Currently, blogging does not fit into the 'seeking to know Him more intimately' mission for me.  Someday blogging may again serve that purpose but not now.

Currently I am laboring over a number of classic books on the 'Attributes of God' (right now I am bouncing between Stephen Charnock and Pink) and will continue with others.  I also have a couple systematic theologies I desire to be looking at.  Of course underlying a lot of this is attempting to understand my direction in ministry (both family, and institution) which must be rooted in nothing less than the character of God.  (thus the study of attributes and systematic theology.)  Of course undergirding all of this is meditation upon the scriptures and reading and also listening through the entire cannon repeatedly on the iPod.

I guess what I am saying is... see ya it's been real.

So for anyone who happens to stop by, read the archives if you want... but you would do better to pick up some of the classics written by men and women far wiser than me.


Shawn said...

the blogosphere will be a much lonelier place without you... tear...

Jay Miklovic said...

well the one reader I have has left his comment... thx shawn

Jenny Simcox said...

Jay you work so hard in everything that you do, being a reliable husband for Kristin, the best daddy to Hannah and Joey, and a child of God who spreads his word. Whether this is your last posting or not you have done so much. And we all thank you for that. I wish you the best of luck on you new job in Delta and the ones that you have now! God loves you and so do I!!