4 takes on Justification

Over the past month I have requested four twitter friends to give me in 1000 words or less their understanding of the doctrine of Justification based on the 'tradition' or framework that they currently operate from.  My original intent was 5 positions, but I have still not gotten any responses from the Roman Catholic point of view.  Starting today I will post one of each of these view per day over the next four days.

To determine the order of the posts I simply wrote the name of each author on the back of an individual business card, shuffled them and the order they came out in is the order they will be placed.

The order will be:
#1 Dawn K - Confessional Lutheran - twitter: @rumor99 - http://.realrealityzone.com
#2 Ralph P - Reformed - twitter: @ralphprovance
#3 Matt L - Wesleyan - twitter: @mattlipan - http://mattlipan.blogspot.com/
#4 Connie W - Outlaw Preacher - twitter: @conniejoh2o - http://conniejoh2o.wordpress.com/

Disclaimer: For the sake of this little series I neither endorse, nor discredit any of the views stated.  This is all done in the spirit of an honest discourse.

I will say that each post is intelligent and well thought out, and it is clear that all the writers gave adequate time to the task. I would like to express my gratitude to all four contributers for taking the time to do this.

We should also be clear at the outset that these posts are written by individuals.  Certainly Dawn's post is not necessarily representative of ALL confessional Lutherans, nor is Connie's  representative of ALL Outlaw Preachers, nor Matt and Ralph's representative of ALL Wesleyans and Reformed respectively.  That should go without saying but sometimes people need reminded of these things.

Enjoy... and be nice.

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