Election and why people reject it

I have been doing some thinking about predestination and God's sovriegnty. Looking at the scripture God's election and predestination seem to me to be an obvious doctrine. Why then do some, and even myself in the past choose to reject this doctrine?

Clearly if you take the doctrine of predestination to its logical conclusion you will begin to see that man has no power and that God has infinite power. You will begin to see that all things that have ever happened were forordained by the Lord. While this is a tough pill for human reasoning to swallow it is nonetheless the truth of scripture.

As humans our natural tendency is to reject a God that would act against our will, because we think "not God's will, but mine be done." We to often define fine God with our own human reasoning. We may say that God is love, therefore he would never let any perish, but we are putting our definition of love on God and therefore attempting to limit Him to human logic.

The sole reason people would ever reject any sort of predestination cannot be scripture, because the scripture clearly teaches otherwise. The sole reason is because people have the misconception that they have power and that God is merely a passive judge, and not an active player. He is in their eyes only active when they ask Him to be by prayer and petition.

I have to get back to work, maybe I will continue this later.

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