The State of Our Union

I made the comment in the last post about how an understanding of God's sovriegnty helps us to understand the state of our union, the condition of our nation. I have been thinking about this for awhile now and I have come to realize that we have been duped by the "religous right." Are we so foolish as to believe that we control the destiny of this nation. I remember hearing the rejoicing of Christians around the country when Bush was elected president, and I also was happy about it. Everyone said "God's man is in office." Duh, in this nation every president since George Washington was God's choice. The real test would have been rejoicing if John Kerry had been elected. Clearly if we see God's sovriegnty over government as meaning that he chooses the powers that be for his purposes then whomever gets put into office we should willingly accept because it is the will of God. This is why we must submit the the authorities that be, because they are the Lord's instruments of justice.

So this all begs the question, should we vote? Absolutely! Why? The Lord has given us an oppurtunity to take part in carrying out His will in a way that many people around the world don't get. It really is no different then questioning if we should preach considering those who will be saved are predestined to heaven. Of course we should preach, it is God's will that we be a part of His work of saving souls, and it is gracious of Him to give us the command to make disciples and to see the fruit of His work on the cross right before our eyes. What a blessing it is to be included and used in carrying out God's will.

Back to the "religous right" for one minute. This past election cycle the whole election seemed to hinge on the "moral majority." Afterwards you heard the liberals saying that the democratic party needed "born again" and that they need to seek their "Christian roots." In the mean time the republican party has basically stamped itself the party of God, and we are foolish if we ignore the level of corruption that exists on the right side of the isle as well as the left. After the last election the "religous right" has become puffed up, believing that their morality has earned them power. We know that power is given and taken away by the Lord based on His own desires not our claimed righteousness. I know I am ranting, but I get tired of the inconsistancy of fundementalists when it comes to government, if you are a fundamentalist you must also apply that to your view of the government, and somehow we all seem to be a little more pelagian and have a little higher view of our selves when November 2 rolls around.

Thats all, I quit for today.

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