Television Filters??

I heard an advertisement on the radio yesterday for the local cable company and after about one minute of thought I found it to be beyond ridiculous. Buckeyecable system is now offering filtering controls so that parents can control what their children watch. Of course this feature is at an added cost. They must really be concerned about the impressionable minds of the toledo area children right? Dead wrong. This service is a product meant to make money, and the key to selling any product is to create demand for it. What is the only way to create demand for a product that filters morally offensive material. That is to create morally offensive material. Now I understand that internet filters are legit because of the vast material already existing on the web, but cable systems already control all the content that is fed through the cable meaning that they send you the channels (and charge you for them) and then make you pay to filter them. The whole time this goes on the average unsuspecting persons views the cable system as taking a step to combat the moral decline of the area's children. Cancel the cable, read you bible, pick up a book, go help someone, anything.

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