Pharoah's Hard heart

Romans 9:18
Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth.

I know I have been hit a little on election and predestination in the last post and it isn't my desire to keep hounding on this doctrine, but it is important that we take a look past just what predestination is. It is important that we make the mental ascension, or acknowledgement of God's sovriegn election because it is foundational to a true understanding of grace. Beyond this we must look at what application this doctrine has in our day to day life.

We all remember when the Lord used Moses to deliver His people from bondage. The Lord performed many signs and wonders and after each sign Pharoh would not respond righteously, as the scripture say the Lord hardened His heart. I know that when I read this story it is almost tiresome to read because Pharoh rejects the plea of Moses over and over and over again, and the Lord continually hardens Pharoh's heart. The Lord had predetermined Pharoh's actions for the purpose of His own glory and the deliverance of His people. What then by way of application can we garner from Moses and Pharoh.

1. Calm Reaction to the rejection of Christ's Gospel

We Christians too often feel the need to save souls and when witnessing and explaining the simple gospel will get frustrated at its rejection. Sometimes we wonder how people just cannot see the truth. Moses simply continued performing the tasks God gave him without questioning the Lord's intent. So are we called to witness and make disciples and to contine in doing so regardless of the results.

2. Understanding the state of our Union

I know this seems like an odd statement to make, but I think too often we sacrafice some of our basic Christian belief and behaviour by claiming some kind of allegiance to a politcal party or movement. I proper understanding of God's authority in Government would make us realize that he has His players in place for His purposes. Pharoh was ruthless to the Hebrews, but the Lord allowed it, in fact he intended it. Therefore when the talking heads of the moral majority say it is not God's will that Hillary be president so vote for so and so don't listen. God's will is going to be done, wether it is performed by the immoral or moral. The hardened, or softened.

3. Freedom from fear.

If God has called you His, and He is in complete control then neither death nor life nor angels nor demons... nothing at all can separate you from Him.

There are more which intend possibly to share later, but I have to go for now.

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