Radical Islam

Is radical Islam really so wicked? I suppose if I were ever thinking about running for a government office the following entry would be used against me, because a lot of what I will say is going to sound awful if taken out of context. I have a few words of praise for the fundamental radical Islamic militants who blew up our trade centers and the pentagon as well as the crash in Pennsylvania, plus the recent bombings in London and Egypt. These people know what they believe, and they are willing to forsake everything to act upon this belief. This makes these terrorists admireable, in a twisted way. While we know as Christians that the perpetrators of radical fundemental Islam have a brutal eternity waiting for them I would be willing to say that the eternity of the life long church goer who has no relationship with the Lord will be far worse.

Revelation 3:16
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

In our society we are often pummeled with so much media and converstation that is all focus on making us see things in a certain light, and we too often let down our guard and begin to become the people the media is creating us to be. We see images of the aweful terror inflicted by hellbound Islamic militants and we end up with rage in our hearts. We build up all this pride in our country (not a bad thing) but that pride very quickly becomes self righteousness and we find ourselves dragged into sin by the work of suicide bombers. We don't see ourselves become rage filled self rightous people, but that is the result of suicide bombings, it is a masterpiece of satan.

Still I say that the peaceful false professor of Christianity is more of an abomination than the violent hate filled militant who blows himself and others up for the promotion of his demonic religon. How could anyone make the claim I just made. The radical militant does more to show the supremecy of Christ and glory of God than the hypocritical false professor. The death and destruction cause by "Allah" makes Jehovah's righteousness shine even brighter. It is like putting a diamond on a black cloth. The black backdrop makes the diamond to shine, so too does all the iniquity of the world committed by non-christians make the true righteousness of Christ shine. On the flip side while a professing Christian may only be a little black speck of iniquity in comparison to the vast cloth of the militant, that little speck as attached itself to the diamond. Instead of bringing Christ and his church glory as the black backdrop does, this false Christian taints what should be a spotless diamond.

Professors of Christianity who have no desire for the Lord and the things of God certainly have more of a negative impact on Christs church than the radical islamic militant. Is it more shameful that a militan would blow up 80 people, or that a unbelieving pastor would preach a gospel contrary to that of Christ and thus lead his congregation and their families to the pit, all while feeding the poor and doing community service.

I know this is a kind of brutal rant, but give me some feedback and leave a comment if you think I am of base or on track.

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